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Book Blitz

Book Blitz is the best way of getting the most attention for your new release, sale price and free books.  Details of a Booklure Promotions Book Blitz are listed below:

·      Book Blitz is a one-week event (Monday to Friday)
·      Unlimited Blogger participation
·      Each blogger posts will be promoted on Booklure Promotions social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc)
·      Book Banner be displayed on Booklure website for a week
·      Giveaway management

What we need from the Authors (two weeks in advance):

·      Book Cover (high-resolution .jpeg or png)
·      Book Blurb
·      Some interesting quotes/lines from the book or positive reviews
·      All buying links to the book
·      Giveaways recommended as they can be particularly helpful in achieving higher number blogger signups for Book Blitz.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or concerns please send us an email on

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