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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Interview with Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab, Author of Prescriptions From Dr. Love

Q. 1 What was your inspiration for writing this book?
 Being the physician my self and had fallen into list of diagnosis , medical prescriptions , the constant struggles of not living the health and the happiness most of my life, my own journey of  complete healing freeing my self from medications and all the learnings from  the great mentors Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza, all of which inspired me to share my voice not only in speaking events but more importantly voicing it by a written message that can reach the mass public emphasizing of how each one of us is entitled to total health and happiness.from within. 
my purpose is to share across the globe the myths of the western medicine and how we have been disempowering our selves by the total belief in the medical system, giving up on our own innate healing power that we all have from within. 

Q.2 What are the simplest ways of achieving self-development?

The  Awareness of one’s own awareness is a key ingredient to self-development that allows oneself to learn, unlearn and relearn.

The awareness of our own created beliefs, our own limited beliefs, and our own mind creation of both fear and anxiety that tend to keep us in the comfort zone, not adventuring the infinite possibilities of knowing what we don’t know.

Q.3 Can you share an instance where you turned a challenge into an opportunity?

 There has been many challenges in my life however one recent one was a challenge that was set by dr joe Dispenza at a workshop I attended to last September. 

The challenge was for us to repel down against 34 story building over coming to an edge. When I heard of the challenge, I , not only panicked but I managed for a short time to talk my self out of it . The Created  Fear creeped up however it took  my own awareness of the fact that  fear is created in our minds ,helped me to overcome the circumstance and made logical decision to take this challenge and go beyond my own fear terror allowing to see and understand of how solutions and opportunities can be missed because of fear created by our own minds , the same mind that allowed me to enjoy the view and the scenery of the ocean, the serene feeling and the reminder of self of how fear holds us back from new experiences.

Q.4 Please share some tips of self-healing?

The first tip to self-healing is the knowing and the belief of our own self-powerful healing abilities. The second is the conscious awareness of how we are disempowering our selves by trusting and giving in to the white coat and how the western medicine all started. The third key is understanding the key application of epigenetics and how our own perception, our own thoughts can either heal us or make us ill both in the mind and body. The fourth is the true awareness and connection to our true essence unfolding the layers of life that have masked us from living in the moment remembering that many of us are addicted to our past emotions. Fifth to understand, we are what we think and we are what we eat. 

Our own thoughts can keep us in stress mode compromising our immune system and inviting disease, or thoughts of love, forgiveness that allows growth and healing from within. Ayurvedic tools that focus on Meditation as guidance for self-awareness and calmness. Yoga unifying and aligning the mind body and soul. Ayurvedic practices in pacifying the imbalanced principal force of energy known as Dosha. Timeline Paradigm shifts to resolve all the limited beliefs. 

Q. 5 What are you working on next?

 I am now working towards engaging my self in more speaking events and setting us workshops and mastermind group setting to help guide people heal from within. 



"Dr. Suzan Almushcab, MD is from Saudi Arabia and currently lives in Calgary, Canada. She is a graduate of the King Faisal University School of Medicine. She completed her residency at the children's hospital in Calgary and then pursued a second specialty at McGill University to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist. 

She then continued her work with children at JAHA Center, formally known as Dhahran Health Center. She has cared for children with Diabetes and those with endocrine disorders as well. She established multiple guidelines specifically for outpatient on-call care and for inpatient care of type 1 DM. She also established the initiation of insulin pump therapy in Dhahran Health Center. 

She has received multiple awards for multiple campaigns including obesity and diabetes. She published an article about hypocalcemic seizures in infants due to vitamin D deficiency and was an expert member for the review of growth hormone therapy and treatment in children. Suzan's biggest motivation and aspiration were her two children with Type 1 DM that she cared for throughout the learning process and into their teenage lives. 

She has retired from her medical career and has indulgently set out to acquire knowledge for holistic wellness. She has now become an Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor & a Neuro Linguistic Program practitioner. Using her background experience of western medicine combined with the East Indian healing system, Ayurveda & NLP, she has been able to free her self from dis-Ease as well. 

With new experiences behind her, she has attended many workshops that have contributed to her transformation. Her mission is to help women who want to reclaim their lives, to glow & flow and regain their health, joy, and happiness from within. She believes that supporting women's health and happiness is at the core of health and happiness for children because it provides an opportunity for a brighter future for the next generation and society at large.

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Name of the book:  Prescriptions from Dr. Love
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Release Date: February 27th, 2019

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