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Our Tour Hosts

Dear Tour Hosts,

If you want to become a tour host with us, you will need a blog dedicated to books. This is mandatory when you are doing book blitz with us or a cover reveal. But in case you are doing on reviews for us, an Amazon account and a Goodreads Account is what we are looking for.

We know you all do this out of your love for books. But when you sign up for a blog tour, we do expect you put it on the scheduled date. The post need not be the only post of the day.

The authors rely on us to do the promotions and if any of the tour host does not deliver it repeated, it reflects negatively on us. So after at least 5 reminders we will delete your names and let you go - with a heavy heart of course.

There are many things we are planning to do -

1. Author Interviews
2. Guest Posts
3. Giveaway
4. Reviews
5. Spotlights

If you have any questions, please look at our F.A.Q for Bloggers.

If you want to join us, please fill up the form.

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