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Friday, April 12, 2019

Book Review: The Billionaires Surprise Baby: A MFM Billionaire Menage Romance by Harper West

Publisher: Self Published 
Release Date: March 25, 2019
Print Length: 194 Pages
Sold by: Amazon
ASIN:  B07PZ97893


When it comes to keeping her, these billionaires mean business . . .


It’s funny how one little pill can change your entire life.
Or, more accurately, the forgetting of one tiny pill.
Just when everything was going right . . . fate threw a major ‘f*ck you’ my way in the form of a bun in the oven.
So what did I do?

Ran. Ran from the two men I adored, because they didn’t want kids.
There was no place for them in their world. They’d told me that a dozen times.
I had no intention of ever coming back—but desperation makes a woman do crazy things.
So now, here I stand, begging for a job and eating crow by the bucket load.
It doesn’t help that they look better than ever. Ripped muscles pressing against their suits with that utterly alpha look in their eyes. The look that promises to fulfill your every desire.
And my body hasn’t forgotten for a second the way they made me scream in pleasure night after night.

But I’ve got no plans to repeat the past.
My life is different now, I’m different now.
It's just business this time . . . right?


She’s back.

The one woman we’ve ever loved.

The same woman who abandoned us a year ago with not so much as a god-damn post it note . . .
She says she wants a job. No, not wants—demands—it.
Who the hell does she think she is?
Barking orders like we’re the ones who screwed her over.
And how dare she? How dare she show up with all her attitude and hot little body, teasing us like she didn’t smash our hearts into oblivion?
Just the sound of her voice makes us harder than steel, but we’re not giving in, dammit.
She’s been keeping secrets . . . and we want answers.
And we’re going to get them out of her, one good spanking at a time.
This naughty girl needs to be punished.
And before we give her the pleasure we know she can’t resist, she’ll have to beg for forgiveness . . . on her hands and knees . . . naked. 

The Review 

This book is better than the first in the series which was free in Bookfunnel. When Ivy finds out that she is going to have a baby and goes to share the news with the two men in her life, their reactions tell her that the baby is not what either wants. So instead of creating a scene, she runs away from them. And no alpha man can resist the chase. And there are two here - Logan and Tyler.  I can't say that I didn't enjoy the story. Ivy is gutsy and when she took the decision to leave both the men, and look for life sans them. But here I feel that the author really rushed through the story and in a blink of an eye Ivy was back in their arms. Does that ever happen like that?

I like the story, the character, and the plot but I have one complaint. The writer should have spent more time in editing the book. The typos and grammatical errors are jarring and reduce the story to a subpar version of what it could be. Even the book blurb has grammatical errors.

However, the chemistry between Ivy, Logan and Tyler and the story saves this book. The ménage à trois relationship is hot and the love scenes will make you tingle. If you can ignore the errors and enjoy the story between these three hot bods then this book is a sure read for you.

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