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Thursday, April 11, 2019

I Hate You, Propose: An Enemies to Lovers Fake Engagement Romance by Jamie Knight

Publisher: Self Published 
Release Date: February 19, 2019
Print Length: 149 Pages
Sold by: Amazon


She’s always despised me. But I need her to say yes.

My grandfather’s dying wish is to see one of his grandsons engaged.
It’s so important to him that he makes it into a contest between us.
The first one to become betrothed will inherit his entire fortune.
I have to win; I always do.
So, I ask my best friend’s little sister to pretend to be my fiancée.
It’s just a mutually beneficial sham for my childhood enemy and me.
Until I accidentally see her topless.
Then I can’t get her out of my mind.
But there’s no way my heart’s getting involved. Right?

I abhor him. But he can help me out.

My strict, religious parents are always breathing down my neck.
They think I should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen by now.
Meanwhile, I just want to enjoy a normal college experience.
Brent says he needs a fake fiancée to win a competition.
It’s something only my older brother’s ridiculously cocky best friend would do.
But it could get my parents off my back about my lifestyle choices.
There’s no other reason I want him to fake propose to me, though.
It has nothing to do with the fact that he makes me blush. Right?

Is our scheme so good that we’re fooling ourselves too?
Or is getting fake engaged the best real thing to happen to us?

I Hate You, Propose is a full-length standalone romance novel. It is part of the Hate You series of standalone but connected books that can be read on their own and in any order. Characters are related by blood or friendship and re-appear in each book so they are best enjoyed all together.

Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

The Review 

An interesting and hot read. What caught my eye from the get-go was the cover of the book, hot and sizzling. The story begins with a fake engagement between two enemies, Brent and Lindsay. However, fake closeness leads to real feelings. Brent is unable to control his heart and libido anymore around Lindsay. And Lindsay, in turn, is torn by the desire she feels for the man she thought she hated the most. Hate overcome by love and lots of hot intimacy makes this book hard to put down.

Jamie’s story is a stirring and honeyed amalgamation of humor, fun, and love under the sheets. I liked the friendship between Brent and his best friend, Robert. The rich guy vs the poor guy was well played. But the chemistry between Brent and Lindsay is downright sizzling.

The constant friction and attraction between the leads will leave you humored, exasperated and breathless.  I personally think that this fake fiance trope has been done but not to death.

The dialogues were witty and funny and left me breathless a few times. The chemistry was hot and the love scenes intense and sinful. The story was well paced and I could not put the book down till I reached the last page. We romance lovers just love this kind of romance. This book is a must read for all lovers of hot romance and sweet stories.  I look forward to reading more from the author.

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